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(n., pl.) The multitude of women that can be found on the Internet from either personal sites or chat rooms. These women can be easily detected by their obesity and sub-average physical attractiveness.
Yeah, I tried looking for a woman on those Internet personal sites, but all I came up with were a bunch of fucking fat-nasties.
K-Von tarafından 14 Mart 2005, Pazartesi

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An incredibly loud and disgusting fart. This title is reserved for the most foul, rotten-smelling farts.
I was in the elevator and some jackass cracked off a fat nasty.
Beatsters tarafından 15 Mart 2010, Pazartesi
A fat and nasty person.
Person 1: OMG shes fucking fat
Person 2: What a fucking fat-nasty
meh7845 tarafından 29 Ağustos 2006, Salı
adj. The simultaneous feelings of disgust and contentment that a person feels after having been so hungry that said person stuffs his or herself so that they can barely breath without exploding.
I was so hungry during class, but after I went to Philbrook and ate everything in sight I felt wicked fat-nasty.
something good tarafından 10 Şubat 2005, Perşembe
A disgusting greasy fat girl.
I heard Bob stuck his butter pole in that Fat Nasty.
Branpa tarafından 23 Ekim 2008, Perşembe