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happens when you take food away from a fat person, sometimes during a weight intervention.
don't get a fattitude with me lard butt, ill eat your sandwich. =D
Samuel Mcdonald tarafından 17 Ocak 2008, Perşembe
13 26
1.A mindset that revolves around fast food menus. 2.where you just need to eat as unhealthy as possible.
John told me that they have quater pounders 2 for 3 bucks, let's go!

John and the subject both have a good fattitude.
mashed potato topping tarafından 24 Kasım 2008, Pazartesi
7 28
when a fat chick knows she's fat, but has confidence and can carry herself like she's the hottest girl in the room.
"Yo, that chick's huge"--Sebastian
"Yeah, but she's got mad Fattitude, that's what's good".--Me
D0peman tarafından 3 Aralık 2009, Perşembe
13 36
A mispronunciation of the word "fatigue". Spoken by people who tend to confuse "you're" and "your", and say "nukular" instead of "nuclear".
I can't get b00fz, I have over 300 points of battle fattitude. LOL.
The 2-Belo tarafından 17 Ekim 2004, Pazar
7 192