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A serious crime, usually gives the criminal more than one year in prison.
A man rapes a woman, gets charged with rape. Which gives him 3 years in prison. This is an example of a felony.
MrDinkleberry tarafından 7 Kasım 2005, Pazartesi
272 121
one of the serious crimes such as murder,rape, arson, burgulary. crimes that are severly punished by the law.
murder is the main example
...Abigail... tarafından 30 Temmuz 2005, Cumartesi
94 25
A straight gangzta whos from Minnesota, creator of this slang is $Craig$Olson$
Damn FELONY is taggin the shit out this skool kid!
F3L0Ny tarafından 8 Şubat 2005, Salı
18 168