A member of a social group who has little/no popularity and is merely involved to make numbers, rather than to add to the group. Fillers have no intellectual or comedy value and any attempted input is usually ignored or completely disregarded. A Filler is the sort of person who you wouldn't be seen with dead.
Woman: who's that random bloke stood behind watching us?
Bloke: dunno, just some filler!
Bloke 1: Why's he following us round?
Bloke 2: Dunno, he's game for filling gaps!
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Wilsdon tarafından 18 Nisan 2009, Cumartesi
Top Definition
A segment of anime, whether it be an entire episode or part of one, which does not appear in the manga of the title. Fillers, as the name implies, "fills" an episode with non-canonical material which has been written usually by the same company which animates it.

Animation companies utilize fillers for a number of reasons:

** If the companies feel that the anime is catching up to the manga too quickly, they will insert entire filler episodes to allow the manga writer to write more chapters.

** Anime versions are usually able to adapt at least two manga chapters per anime episode. If the anime writers feel that a crucial chapter should not be aired in the last part of an episode, they will add a filler segment to make up for this, and air the crucial parts in a fresh episode.

** If the anime gains huge popularity amongst the viewers, anime companies often add fillers to extend the anime, capitalizing off the popularity (one example of this is Naruto, airing fillers for over a year, turning the anime stale).

It is a common misconception that "fillers" are only used to refer to entire non-canonical episodes. This is due to 14 year old anime fans bastardizing this word by drawing it out of context in its use.

<NARUTOluvr669> omg, i hope dey, lyk, stop showing doze NARUTO fillerz dey r soooooo ghey!
<SasukeChidoriSharingan666> omg lol i kno wut u mean!
Fred: Hey, I heard the Kenshin anime added fillers and never returned to the main storyline.
Gil: Ouch man.
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Standalonex19A tarafından 26 Aralık 2006, Salı
In t.v. series that are derived from other forms like books or comics, fillers are episodes that did not appear in the book or comic. The creators of the television show make up episodes (that are normally really bad) and air those episodes that because they just needed to air an episode and they couldn't use a real one. Fillers can also be used to give the television show creators more time so that the book or comic creators can get farther ahead of them so that they don't catch up to the book or comic.
Something that is would like to point out is that the anime Naruto which was derived from the manga Naruto has had about 3 seasons of fillers because the anime nearly passed the manga.
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The Isbey tarafından 15 Ağustos 2006, Salı
A phone call that is made to a mate or partner simply for the purpose of killing time while travelling on a boring journey.
Girlfriend: 'Aw, that's really sweet of you to phone and ask how my day was going.'
Boyfriend: 'That's cool, it was only a filler anyway. Right gotta go, that's my stop.'
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ZambianAstronaut tarafından 9 Aralık 2010, Perşembe
An ex boyfriend/ girlfriend you still associate with that you like to hang out with, go out with between dating other people or when you're bored and no one else will. They're filling the time between that. You know they're never going to be anything serious again.
"I'm bored, might as well call my filler."
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slammalee tarafından 17 Haziran 2009, Çarşamba
a song in an album that is not so good unlike the other songs and is only added so it would become an album.
Idiot 1:"Extraordinary Girl" and "Are We The Waiting" from American Idiot (Green Day's album released in 2004) are just fillers.

Idiot 2: YEAH! IT SUCKS!
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whatsername jimmy tarafından 1 Kasım 2012, Perşembe
When you go to a search box of a general website, and suddenly your mind goes blank of what you were going to do, so you fill the box in with a phrase such as "lol" or some other random crap that was on your mind so the search box doesn't feel lonely.
*Guy goes onto Urban Dictionary*
*Gets ready to type something but forgets*
*Uses a filler to make the search box not lonely*
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The Worlds Loneliest Man tarafından 14 Aralık 2014, Pazar
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