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to friend request someone on a website (facebook, myspace, xanga, etc)
Some weird chick just frequested me - do you know who that is?
Muliv tarafından 16 Aralık 2007, Pazar
a friend request.

when someone chooses to add you as a friend on a social networking site such as MySpace. You are then notified of a new "friend request", the request to be added to your friends list.
Jen: Your mom sent me a frequest on myspace yesterday.

Susan: That's random.
justannoyme tarafından 20 Mayıs 2009, Çarşamba
friend request; can be used as a noun or verb
as a noun: "I just sent Sally a frequest on MySpace. I hope she accepts me."

as a verb: "My flist is looking rather sparse. I wish someone would frequest me."
DJ Hotpants tarafından 25 Şubat 2009, Çarşamba