A man who likes good semen, Aviation Ordenanceman with a taste for semen.
that fritz likes all the flavors and colors!!!
AE1 DADDY tarafından 4 Ekim 2012, Perşembe
Top Definition
what all women really wish their man had
"he's good but he's not fritz"
Scott Christianson tarafından 26 Ekim 2007, Cuma
A term referring to a soldier of the German army, typically used by Americans in World War II. To be compared with kraut, or jerry.
Fritz has set up a minefield ahead, so watch your step.
Raptor tarafından 23 Ekim 2004, Cumartesi
to be broken down
My computer was on the fritz last night.
Kitty tarafından 15 Ekim 2003, Çarşamba
A token german name.
Hello Fritz.
Fritz: Guten Morgen!
Zach G. tarafından 14 Kasım 2003, Cuma
the most sexiest mofo alive. you cant find anyone better, thats a fact. also he's way better than marcos at soccer.
OMJ, its fritz. he's so sexy, it hurts to look at him directly
pimppin990 tarafından 7 Haziran 2011, Salı
one dope ass person,with dope hair,doesn't do drugs,life of the party....she does not love these thotties
fritz look at that thot
yolocuh tarafından 1 Şubat 2014, Cumartesi
a term given to a man whom his girlfriend finds Wonderful, amazing, Perfect, gentlemanly, and funny. This is because there is a guy like this, and he sets an example for all other men.
Girl 1: Hey, do you know that guy over there? *points*
Girl 2: Huh? Oh! Yeah, I sit behind him in a class. He's so Fritz!
Emblem Hearts tarafından 21 Mayıs 2011, Cumartesi
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