Word coming from Norwegian/Swedish meaning drunk. Can also be used as English slang.
You got so full last night!
Kiddy3 tarafından 12 Ekim 2007, Cuma
While playing hacky sack - A term that is used to describe all players in the circle making a legal touch on the hacky sack without the sack hitting the ground.
Dude , get it to Chuck and we got the full.
JOE CLEGG tarafından 3 Kasım 2006, Cuma
after eating a bunch of food and you feel extremely obease and or;
the opposite of the munchies and often followed by them
nigga 1
yo son hit this
nigga 2
fa sho pass that shit
nigga 3
damn dats some cronic bud
nigga 2
im trippin fat , lets go get some chicken

which often times leads to the fulls

nigga 1
hey man u want some my chicken?
nigga 2
fa sho pass dat bucket
nigga 3
damn that some big ass chicken
nigga 2
im full as shit yo
matt of p-town tarafından 27 Şubat 2007, Salı
Rosie O'Donnell is the FULLest thing I've ever seen.
voteswinger tarafından 25 Şubat 2005, Cuma
Used to describe a girl when she looks nice, hot and/or sexy.
She looks so full!
Bob Smathers tarafından 24 Mayıs 2004, Pazartesi
the correct spelling of calling someone ignorant.
ignorant does not = fool
ignorant = full
sup full, holla at ya boy
j rod my nizzle tarafından 19 Kasım 2005, Cumartesi
Used on Runescape, a set of all one kind of armor. Full rune would be all rune armor (rune platebody, rune helm, and rune platelegs)
d00d that guy must be rich, he got full addy.
ananomus tarafından 2 Kasım 2004, Salı
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