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vb.---the act of,"Going Ludicrous On Cunt"
Im going out to meet a whore in my desperation to gloc!
Drano tarafından 9 Ağustos 2006, Çarşamba
a gun in the gangsta world
"grab your gloc when you see tupac!"
Ashizzle tarafından 7 Şubat 2005, Pazartesi
Good Looking Old Chick... just like MILF but with no children... could be interchangeable with cougar
Check her out, she is a GLOC!
hiltonheaddiver tarafından 22 Aralık 2010, Çarşamba
1. SUMMER IN IRVINE IS ALREADY BOMB can't wait till everyone comes backkkkk :) GLOC: Gotta Love Orange County ♥

2.I'm at fashion island in Newport beach ... Literally Everyone is white! GLOC
Aviraj Singh Soor tarafından 30 Temmuz 2012, Pazartesi
slang word for penis
guy #1: dude did you see ethan in the locker room today?

guy#2: yeah dude he has a huge gloc!
hoodrat55 tarafından 10 Ocak 2011, Pazartesi
Short for Great Lol of China, remake of "Great Wall of China". It's used when you find something funny (it's not that commonly used though).
Loco: What clothes does a house wear?.... Address.

Mike: GLOC! good joke man!
wa1 tarafından 4 Kasım 2007, Pazar