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the founder of gangsta rap, although he sent out some intelligent messages with it about ghetto conditions, drugs, pimping, etc.
Half these gangstas today wouldn't be able to look Ice-T in the face
Ed tarafından 28 Ağustos 2003, Perşembe
247 63
most hardcore rapper that ever lived...then all of a sudden sold out and is now an actor on tv....

still one of the best though
no one ever talks shit about ice t

my fav ice t song is cop killa...yeah!!
blba222 tarafından 29 Ekim 2007, Pazartesi
248 77
The greatest urban, message-sending, unappreciated rapper in the world.
He didn't sell shit in album records, but goddamn he was the shit.
HyperActiveToothpick tarafından 30 Nisan 2005, Cumartesi
118 29
rapper, thug, all around pimp. Throws down as a star in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, which is the best show on TV (see Stabler) also a hilarious comedian
Ice T rules; watch SVU.
boom boom b tarafından 9 Ağustos 2004, Pazartesi
114 30
The funniest man alive, and the founder of story telling gangsta rap. Ice-t on Rick James: "You start gettin' high, you got all that money, sooner or later you're going to end up with a bitch tied up in the closet."
Ice-t should go into stand up comedy.
sklar tarafından 12 Aralık 2003, Cuma
79 15
A Gansta rapper that help started the must haves of mainstream gansta rap.
?Ice-T's song Cop Killer become a large topic of the people because it talked about killing Cops"
M€XÍ©ÃÑ-®Ü§ tarafından 15 Mayıs 2005, Pazar
67 23
verb: When one tells another to eat a dick.
The rapper/actor Ice-T once told Soulja Boy to eat a dick.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! tarafından 10 Temmuz 2008, Perşembe
51 12