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usually something stupid that pops into your head right before you get hurt.
dad: whose stupid fucking idea was this?
son: fuck if I know
OG tarafından 31 Mart 2004, Çarşamba
a thought, plan, notion, anything that is conjured up in the brain and sometimes put into action and/or shared with the rest of the crowd.
when you get an idea the lightbulb over your head turns on and glows a pretty yellow
etchasketch tarafından 7 Ocak 2004, Çarşamba
Something which, if considered good, cannot ever be used in a democratic society, the plural of which can only be prevented by joining any major political party. Something which a 'chav' never gets but a human may have when staring down to the bottom of an empty beer glass.
a. 'That's a good idea, Prime Minister'.

b. 'You swine!'.
Hedley Clubnobber tarafından 26 Ağustos 2006, Cumartesi
A headache with pictures
I have no idea what to put here, and I feel good about it.
Yaweh tarafından 10 Ekim 2005, Pazartesi
Spreading a certain imaginational thought to others.
Jeff had an imaginational thought and told Anna and it spread to others so now it is called an idea.
Urbandiesalpotion tarafından 9 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba
Something that alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity.
I just had an idea, or what alcoholics refer to as a moment of clarity.
The iRan tarafından 9 Temmuz 2009, Perşembe
I Dont Exist Aight
p(1) - what in Tony Curtis' name did you do with the tooth paste Jon?
p(2) - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh IDEA man!
toothpastejon tarafından 24 Temmuz 2010, Cumartesi
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