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People of Irish descent. Considered the "Blacks of Europe" and for good reason. Scientific analysis has shown the Irish to be closer to apes than most Europeans, this is especially apparant in facial structure. Physically they have large, oversized balloon heads with relatively small brains compared to homo sapiens. Sickly pale white skin with bad teeth is common.
Known to be loud and obnoxious in behavior, and prone to alcoholism. Like to think of themselves as tough fighters, but universally known to cut and bleed easily.
Have a long tradition of racial intolerance, and are proud of it. Males of the species often have small penises, known as "the curse of the irish". It is believed the "baby dick syndrome" is a major cause of anger issues and alcoholism among the males. Their 'cuisine' is very simple, all foods are boiled with a minimal seasonings. A common snack is a dirty potato fresh from the earth,devoured with much relish! They must eat potatoes at regular intervals, failure to do so will lead to paranoia and mental instability.(eg. "They're Always After me Lucky Charms!")
Their beverage of choice to wash the spuds down is bottled sewage known as "Guinness".
Interestingly, despite all these shortcomings, they have a "superiority complex" bordering on arrogance. It is believed this developed as a coping mechanism.

Occupation: The males are known to work as police officers, where laziness,lack of character, and racist attitudes make them an ideal fit. Others work in non mentally demanding fields such as construction.

Mating: Often occurs while intoxicated, birth control is rarely used. Low intelligence and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are believed to be causative factors... Litters are large, with the female bearing over 15 "tater tots" in an average lifespan.

Culture: Have brought the world numerous abominations such as "Riverdance", "U2", hack/plagarist Denis Leary and the always nauseating "Dropkick Murphys".
A million Irish starved to death during the potato famine. . .You're on an ISLAND for chrissakes, learn how to FISH, you stupid Micks!

I needs me beloved potato NOW, Molly!!

Paddy: Kiss me, I'm Irish!!

Woman: *Vomits* Is that lipless orifice filled with rotten, jagged teeth supposed to be your mouth??
Palladio tarafından 3 Aralık 2007, Pazartesi
1. to get your drink on
2. the act of being drunk
3. name given to people that are sexy, before AND after 6 beers.
4. my last name...
I'm feelin a little irish tonight. Damn if i have one more beer i'll be 110% irish. I wanna tap that irish ass. Im kelly irish, bitch.
kirish tarafından 20 Kasım 2006, Pazartesi
1. People from Ireland
2. The most commical and funny and cool accent ever
3. People who were pestered by the English for around 800 years, poor dears..
4. All of them have at least one leprechaun!
5. People who in the olden days usually always had the smell of whiskey on 'em.
" Aye you feckin' irish "
oi, watch ya tongue u irish pric!
lubei tarafından 29 Ekim 2005, Cumartesi
see drunk
ughh dude,i got so irish last night
batman tarafından 4 Aralık 2003, Perşembe
irish to be from ireland. to be irish you have 1: to be born in ireland 2: a roman catholic 3: be able to hold your drink 4:must be able to trace your family back in ireland by 2000 years. 5:hate prods. 6: have at least one nobel prize laureate in your family 7: hate prods 8:hate the english 9:dance really badly 10: shagged at least 3 british girls in a year preferably up the arse 11: start a row in an empty room. 12:hate prods. 13:hate everyone else.14:must eat bacon everyday.15: shagged at least 50 prod girls in the mouth. 16: celebrate st paddys day everyday.
hello im irish, kiss me im irish, fuck me im irish, fuck off your irish,im irish an im gonna kick your fuckin door in drink all your beer shag your wife sister and granny at the same time, then wipe me cock on your curtains before pissin off to the pub for a refresher. ireland for the irish, prods out!
da origanal playa tarafından 18 Mayıs 2006, Perşembe
people that are straight up alchi's and eat potatoes for every meal. The loudest and most obnoxious people you will ever meet.They like to sing songs and drink guinness.
I'm irish and i drink as much as possible.
Brielle tarafından 17 Mart 2005, Perşembe
Always waffling on about kicking the Brits out of Ireland. I have some startling news for you bog trotters, were still there!! By the way, have any of you noticed how poor you downtrodden cave dwellers are compared to your slightly less bestial neighbours to the North? Think about it (if you can). Ta ta slum monkeys!
Apes, Monkeys, Cro Mangon, Simian, Beasts, Irish
Prof. Spock tarafından 12 Eylül 2006, Salı