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1) a person who is funny and cute
2) a person who is dedicated to any musical hobby or entertainment such as orchestra,singing,acting or band.
3)a person who is deticated to someone when in a serious relationship.
4) a heartless selfish person.
5)someone with a bad temper.
1) that joke was epic! that person is such a jaedee.

2) her whole life is about music only a jaedee would be like that

3) she doesnt seem to give a crap....only a jaedee.
onagirl123 tarafından 29 Aralık 2011, Perşembe

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annoying cute funny gay heartless hot loner mean sad temper
another word for someone who is a sad person with no life.
' That girl is such a jaedee '
indigo123 tarafından 1 Eylül 2008, Pazartesi