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1. To masturbate by rubbing the penis, jack off.

2. To waste time in an annoying way. Goof off, jerk around, fart around.

3. A person who is distracted and wasting time. Also spelled: jerk-off

4. An insult: something you'd call a person, implying vaguely that the person is clueless or inferior.
"Joe jerks off two or three times a day."
"Last night, his girlfriend jerked him off in the car."

"Is our son jerking off again, when he ought to be doing his homework?" (Yeah, the old man meant "goofing off," but he said "jerking off." Heh heh.)

"Hey, jerk-off, quit watching the game and roll some dice."

"That jerk-off? He's a total douchebag."
vanilla g-lotto tarafından 21 Aralık 2004, Salı
1380 456
V. To stimulate your penis with your hand to cause orgasm and ejaculation. Male masturbation.

N. Idiot, moron, President Bush
Boy, is President Bush a fucking jerk off!
Marty tarafından 19 Ekim 2003, Pazar
917 520
rubbing your dick intensely; what you do if u cant get any pussy
*Tell a friend to do this*

Follow Directions:
1) close your eyes
2) bite your lips
3) now pretend your rolling dice
J 0 K A tarafından 25 Ocak 2005, Salı
792 433
someone who is a complete prick, but at the same time manages to be a loser and a flamer.
man, what a jerkoff he is.
me tarafından 12 Mart 2003, Çarşamba
443 129
to masturbate with hands
i jerked off over kirsty's pretty pink painted toes
kirsty's toe smeller tarafından 4 Mart 2005, Cuma
488 311
n. A complete and total prick/asshole by most standards; A person that can be mean, ignorant, and nasty at the same time.
That kid ruined my day, what a jerkoff.
Reign tarafından 3 Kasım 2004, Çarşamba
275 114
Someone who is a complete dickhead and is a complete and total loser. Someone who has just completely and utterly screwed up your day, just by sight, and no one can fix it.
Perry David Kohrs is a jerkoff.
YourWorstEnemy tarafından 19 Ocak 2005, Çarşamba
213 92