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A non-erect penis
Jimmy got locked out of the house so he took his jiblet out and peed in the back yard
NickyParker tarafından 2 Temmuz 2009, Perşembe
71 20
Jiblets is another word for a man's balls
In scrubs:
J.D-"I don't like too much freedom down there, I get tingles in my jiblets
Adam L tarafından 6 Ekim 2005, Perşembe
65 22
ones genitals. often used to describe genetals small of size
he cracked me right in the jiblets
Macasarus tarafından 12 Kasım 2007, Pazartesi
17 20
The horrible little dry low quality bony bits of chicken you find hidden under the delicous legs and breasts at the end of a kfc family bucket.
I have had three pieces but theres only shitty jiblets left.
Markin byrnaise tarafından 18 Eylül 2007, Salı
33 40
The definition of a person, who is unusually prone to mistakes and makes them often
, example ; john was trying to make a cake, and he jibbled it and burnt the house down the jiblet!
Nige the python tarafından 29 Mart 2011, Salı
11 20
1) the chunks in the gravy at Thanksgiving dinner.
i have jiblets in my gravy..??
just kidding tarafından 26 Temmuz 2004, Pazartesi
24 33
Little pieces of things, whatever they may be.
I love this word.
Look at all the jiblets on the carpet?
You forget to pick up the jiblets.
Roll the jiblets, they smoke too.
You left some jiblets on the table.
AmyPaige tarafından 8 Şubat 2008, Cuma
17 32