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ya'll are wrong.
K-town stands for kingsville Ontario<3
so get over it
k-town sucks alot. but it pretty much the shit
not really actually its small and shitty.
J-slut tarafından 15 Eylül 2005, Perşembe
6 57
K-town: another word for Kingston, Ontario
Brandon the "jaded" junglist says "K-town is the dopest plcae on earth, yo!"
Fylan tarafından 17 Ağustos 2005, Çarşamba
29 80
A suburb of of Fort Worth AKA (Funky Town.) The towns real name is Keller, TX and is home to a bunch of crazy white people and crazy black people.
Aint no other suburb got shit on K Town.
"aight fools we going back to K Town!"
"K town is where i b"
Crazy D tarafından 5 Şubat 2004, Perşembe
29 86
Kensington, California
A small town sandwiched between Berkeley and El Cerrito. Primarily rich white people, many of whom are retired.

It has 'gangs', but they're just rich kids trying to be ghetto
"So me and my homies from k town..."
Acloui tarafından 9 Ekim 2005, Pazar
11 78
Kohala Hawaii.....The real K Town
peace up..alright...k town down...outies
Baullah tarafından 3 Aralık 2005, Cumartesi
9 90