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A fantastically talented Brazilian footballer!
Oh that is pure magic from Ricky Kaka
Iain Langmaid tarafından 10 Mayıs 2005, Salı
637 234
crap, shit, ect. in Hebrew
you are such a Kaka
Barak Tamir tarafından 21 Eylül 2003, Pazar
525 319
The BEST player in the world!! His real name is Ricardo, and is Brazilian but currently plays for AC Milan. He's only 25.
Who is the best player in the world?
kakafan07 tarafından 28 Mayıs 2007, Pazartesi
338 238
(Noun) Poop, feces, shit, dung, dump, Load.
Person 1:Oh man, i got kaka all over my hair after leaning back in the movie theater. They really need to clean this place up! These damn people need to stop shitting on the seats.
Person 2: Yeah man, just last week i stepped in (kaka) when i walked into my mom's house. She can't hold her shit together. I say, "Mama, stop drinkin so much damn metamucil and clean up your god damn house, god damnit. Damnity damn shit ass!"
Mr Dump aGiant Load tarafından 6 Şubat 2005, Pazar
371 274
Meaning brother - not only used to direct blood relations but to any good male friend.
from the language Swahili (spoken in east Africa)
Now used by many accross the UK
"Hey kaka! Come check this out."
chocolateANDvanilla tarafından 6 Haziran 2009, Cumartesi
56 36
1. cross-eyed or cockeyed
2. grade school children's euphamism for shit

Note: Term was used a few times by "Al" on the tv show QUANTUM LEAP; which definition was intended is a matter of personal interpretation.
"His view of the situation is ka ka."

"I just made a ka ka in my pants."
The Doctor tarafından 2 Eylül 2004, Perşembe
53 34
Norwegian for cake. Next time someone says you love kaka, maybe they are right.
"jeg elsker denne kaka" or "i love this cake"
"This kaka is a nice chocolatey colour"
m0moiro tarafından 14 Temmuz 2006, Cuma
108 90