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Bullshit , junk etc.
Plz get rid of this kaks ASAP
MotherfFuckaaa tarafından 11 Mart 2005, Cuma
8 5
means basically a load of shit.
you seing that new film blad ?

''nah mate that looks fucking kak bruv init.

your mums kak in bed blad.

x FuSii0nZ x tarafından 16 Nisan 2009, Perşembe
10 9
(Kak,kakker, the kakkest)
-It has the same meaning as the most suck...or...when you call idiot people...you can call them "Kak"
- The word can be both,adjective and noun.
- It's a Thai slang
-to be a chicken!
Christ : I proundly say that I just failed an exam!
Cat : Kak!
Sei tarafından 15 Eylül 2012, Cumartesi
4 4
Used as the physical action of removing an unfavorable waste material. Similar to the term for crap it is often used as slang in cannabis culture.
I think you toked it to dust, this bowl is dooky, kak out the pipe and I will load another fatty!
KrondoNomikon tarafından 25 Mayıs 2011, Çarşamba
2 3
When you buy someone you like some gifts even thou its obvious to everyone that your being a complete moron,you basically take being moronic in new directions, very similiar to retard
'I bought some girl 2 phones and a ipod, we went out for one week while she was also dating some other guy', ' You stupid Kak!'
Konpachi tarafından 23 Kasım 2009, Pazartesi
0 5
A term one uses to describe a male penis. In most cases this definition is used to describe an unusually large male organ of copulation in a humorous way.
Tom's mom loves to suck Wingy's KAK.
Bat-Wing tarafından 20 Mart 2009, Cuma
19 26
no you dumb fucks!!! KAK is slang for cock! as in the male genitals member!!!!! you say Kaaaakkkk in a elongated swing accent, that what KAK means you fucks
"Unreal niglet.......that girl tried to swipe at my KAK last night!"
kak234 tarafından 12 Eylül 2011, Pazartesi
2 10