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I can see how you might think Al Franken had coined the expression if you had never heard it before, but it was an expression my mother when I was growing up -- and she died in 1984.
When Al picked up the tab for dinner he joked about me being a tightwad; I felt bad because I figured he was probably kidding on the square.
PaulDee tarafından 24 Mart 2004, Çarşamba
joking, but also meaning it
Anonymous tarafından 9 Kasım 2003, Pazar
A Frankenism, meaning joking, but really meaning it.
Nick: Hey, Frank, how's the wife treatin' ya?
Frank: Fuck you, Nick.
Nick: Kidding on the square, Frank!
Dorian Black tarafından 8 Haziran 2005, Çarşamba