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People often confuse this word with figuratively.
-Dude, you figuratively died of embarassment, you illiterate dipshit.
Built2Spill tarafından 17 Kasım 2004, Çarşamba
15620 8672
a much misused adverb, often for emphasis
"I literally died of embarrassment."

"Really? How was reincarnation, you fucking illiterate dipshit?"
RockYfella tarafından 5 Aralık 2003, Cuma
1425 430
used to describe something that actually happens or exists. One of the most overused words in modern society. Not to be confused with figuratively, as this is the complete opposite.
Incorrect usage:

A: It was literally raining cats and dogs.

B: Really dipshit? How many scratches do you have?

Correct usage:
A: Dude, Justin Bieber literally has half a billion views on YouTube.
B: Shit, really? Now I know the world is coming to an end
grammerpalice tarafından 29 Haziran 2011, Çarşamba
615 118
Truthfully actual. Not figuratively.

Used when not bullshitting or by fake cats pretending not to.

"I literally sucked on those jugs!"
Arel Blyste tarafından 28 Ocak 2008, Pazartesi
631 167
literally, actually, really, seriously, not figuratively
Person: i'm literally a polar bear
batrider tarafından 8 Ocak 2012, Pazar
443 116
A four syllable word used by monkeys to add emphasis and impress people. Monkeys who use the word don't understand what it means.
Dude: If that monkey says literally one more time I'll stomp him.
Chick: Literally?
Dude: Well, no.
yarwknil tarafından 29 Mart 2010, Pazartesi
345 206
Often used on Facebook by idiots. Adverb carrying the meaning of 'figuratively'. In real life means 'literally'.
OMG my phone its literally blowin up wit texts rite now.
SarcasticBastard tarafından 4 Kasım 2011, Cuma
169 69