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Derivative of the word "misses", misies is a plural term to describe females.
Friend: Did you have fun at the party man?

Friend #2: Yeah dude, there were so many misies there.
Anthony Valentino tarafından 5 Temmuz 2006, Çarşamba
pronounced "MEE-SEAS." Greek Roots.
Hey man, what are you doing tonight?

Hanging out with my two friends and their misies.
LJ Spate tarafından 11 Ağustos 2006, Cuma
Missus. A Lady. A female member of the UVP oh six cult. A girl who is hotter than you.
"Hey man those misies are so fucking hott"

"Don't even try man, the misies and their ballers are tighter then a prostitutes pants."
Natalie 'Fo Sho Yo Ho' tarafından 8 Ekim 2006, Pazar