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When you are chatting with several people at once via IM (instant messenger).
"No, I haven't been able to look at that website you just told me about. I'm multichatting."
#chat #internet #instant #messenger #many #im
Aaron Martell tarafından 12 Aralık 2007, Çarşamba
Simultaneously having an online IM chat with several people while also sitting within conversation distance of said people in real life, especially on Facebook.
Random guy: Hey, what are you guys all laughing about?

Chatting guy: We're all multichatting on Facebook.
(gets a message)
Chatting guy: LOL, he totally does!
#facebook #chat #chatting #im #no social life whatsoever
The Green Pirate tarafından 18 Mart 2011, Cuma
chatting online with multiple chattees at the same time
I was multichatting this morning with 12 people at the same time, a personal best, but hard to control.
#chatting #multiple #conversations #friends chatting #simultaneous #chats
Jimmy Cinders tarafından 1 Ekim 2010, Cuma
Talking with someone in more than 1 way at a time. Like AIM, facebook, texting one person all at the same time.
Me and Kim were multi chatting last night, I have no idea why we didnt just call each other...
#multi chat #multi chatting #facebook #texting #muti
Wakkkkaa tarafından 30 Kasım 2008, Pazar
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