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A term that niggers use frequently in AOL chat rooms so as not to get TOSed for cursing.
totalyhawtbooty6: yo niqqa watz up home dawg?
Janis tarafından 22 Ocak 2005, Cumartesi
351 176
Term used by white kids, to avoid getting there ass beat by black people.
White kid: Hey whats up nigga
Black Kid: Bitch what'd you just call me?
White Kid: Niqqa?
Black KId: Ohhh it's cool homie.
ThaGoldenRod tarafından 19 Haziran 2012, Salı
134 61
A better way of saying "nigga" which incisive people use when implied to their best friends in texting or chatting. Usually replacing the "g" with "q" within a word causes the user to gain some "swaq", or swag on the internet and a few haters.
Kevin: Yo Renz my niqqa, what's good?
Renz : Nothing Kev. Just chilling, ya know? Haha!
Kevin: Swaq niqqa.
Renz : You know it!
ThatAsianKevin tarafından 7 Şubat 2013, Perşembe
65 22
A small component of temporal space.
I got out just in the niqqa time.
fidificus tarafından 30 Nisan 2003, Çarşamba
179 171
Pronounced NEE-kwa is an indian way of saying "nigga"
yo my niqqa, noobaadan!
You'remother tarafından 19 Ocak 2014, Pazar
1 9
A bastardization of "brother" by Grav, Mjordan2nd, Penny_bags, and Slim.
That niqqa went crazy.
Mjordan2nd tarafından 28 Ağustos 2004, Cumartesi
82 136
"Nikka" for people that have keyboards with no K's.
"Yo qid, where muh que qey at niqqa?!"
E ain't no Wanksta tarafından 18 Ağustos 2003, Pazartesi
64 121