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The world's most talented cartoonist.
Boy, that Niwi sure makes fine-ass comics.
Niwi tarafından 4 Ocak 2004, Pazar

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niwis clique fuck
(Nothing Is what it seems)
The HARDEST cliquein So. Cal
Created in Torrance, but spreading all over california.
A crew to be feared..
Damn... i would give my Left nut to join NiWiS...
NIWISjun tarafından 5 Ocak 2004, Pazartesi
any overly whimsical person with idiosyncratic behaviors
Did you check out that niwi flapping over in the corner?
piss pistofferson tarafından 14 Nisan 2003, Pazartesi
hardest nd toughest crew there is in the south bay.. aka don't fuck with them
Niwis members will kicks your ass.
Hector tarafından 5 Ocak 2004, Pazartesi