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no one knows
- "Why is she on the floor?"

- "NOK"
babalonia tarafından 30 Ağustos 2010, Pazartesi
23 6
"Not okay"
Pronounced as "No kay"
*touches butt*
"That's nok"
jld_love tarafından 23 Mart 2009, Pazartesi
16 9
To disagree, but comply. No, but Ok

(usually pronounced "noak", but sometimes said as "No'kay"
Brad: "Hey Terry, wanna help me move the couch?"
Terry: "Nok"
Jason M H tarafından 24 Nisan 2007, Salı
13 7
1.not o.k.,under your breath, used when someone won't stop nagging until they hear yes or o.k.
2. no way, as if.
boss:"you are going to have to stay late and take care of stuff so I can go out and party now."
boss:"great, thanks man!"
then they both leave
Simone L.Jackson tarafından 11 Ağustos 2006, Cuma
8 2
1. Somewhere in between no and ok.
2. an ambivalent choice word
1. "Would you like to go the movies"

"N'ok thanks"
SamJean tarafından 18 Nisan 2010, Pazar
7 2
A gay Russian, devoid of any intelligence whatsoever, that uses the mating call chia waaa
Noks: (rap) My name is Noks, I got da cocks, I take em down to da docks
waaa tarafından 4 Şubat 2005, Cuma
13 8
A gay Russian wannabe rapper, who enjoys rapping in a Russian accent. Is also a white supremacist, communist bastard. See also Mukhanov
Wow, Noks is the gayest person I know.
Captain Nemo tarafından 14 Şubat 2005, Pazartesi
12 8