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adj. Good or favorable; delicious
Oh my God, this cake is nommy!
Clifton Strange tarafından 25 Mayıs 2008, Pazar
80 11
The sensation of something being so delicious or yummy that you will eat it quickly; hence the nom. Derived and combined from the words/terms yummy and nomnomnom.
I love BBQ meat so much, it is so nommy.
gablab tarafından 16 Mart 2011, Çarşamba
18 5
Bomb ass, delicious food or snacks. The kind you want when you got the munchies!!! or to fulfill the Om noms
"Damn you Gina, why you always eattin' my nommies"
"I'm starvin like Marvin, lets go get some nommies and fuck it up"
djdannedmond tarafından 21 Haziran 2009, Pazar
10 2
Having no hommies If you have no friends to hang with, you are with your nommies.
Bill: "You man you what are you up to?"

Fred: "Nothing, just chilling with my nommies."


Jen: Did George go out with his friends?

April: Ya, he rolling with his nommies. (sarcastically)
Morgan Chase tarafından 1 Nisan 2008, Salı
1 8
Derivation of "Nun Hommies"

A group of conservative friends that disapprove of risqué behavior.
I was going to steal a kiss from my friend Victoria but I could'nt because she was rolling with her nommies.

Man, Sarah's nommies are going to be pissed off when they hear she had sex with a goat and a midget at the frat party last night.
DJ Creepy tarafından 18 Eylül 2006, Pazartesi
3 11
1. adj. very cute or charming animal (cannot be used to describe human beings)

2. n. a cute animal
1. "Look at the kittens; they are so nommy!"

2. "What's that nommy doing?!?"
H377z y34! tarafından 22 Kasım 2004, Pazartesi
12 55