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a word that was created orginaly by the mentally insane themselves, with no other purpose or meaning but to lie to themself into boosting their self confidence.
"i am so abnormal that i am more normal than you are"
lactated chease tarafından 8 Kasım 2007, Perşembe
16 8
A town in central Illinois, whose name fits all too well. This town is conservative and boring.
Person 1: Have you ever been to Normal, Illinois?

Person 2: Yes. Once. I left immediately.
That one person guy tarafından 28 Haziran 2007, Perşembe
23 15
weird is "a person, place or occurance that is abnormal" but what exactly is normal...nobody is the same so u can't pick one person that is normal... So everybody is weird there is no such thing as a normal person.
"I'm not like u and ur not like me so we must both be weird."

It's normal to have a dog.
Oh really, so i'm not normal?
sbauman tarafından 26 Temmuz 2005, Salı
17 9
1. What bitches say about you when you're not like them

2. What your NOT when you're being yourself..
"NORMAL people say..."

whatever bitch.
peopleRdumbfoREAL tarafından 11 Aralık 2010, Cumartesi
9 2
To be Normal is the Ideal aim of the Unsuccessful
I am sooo normal
MagnyME tarafından 15 Kasım 2010, Pazartesi
8 2
supposedly people who do not see shadows or anything like that.
She did not see things, so she is "normal".
Lost_Shadow tarafından 20 Ocak 2009, Salı
8 2
When you're not dead, when you still can walk en talk then you're normal.
Tom: "Emiel you where absolutely fucked last night. How many Ouzo did you had, 32?"
Emiel: "Yes i had, but i could still walk and talk, I was normal."
Baco tarafından 16 Ağustos 2007, Perşembe
11 5