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To turn off an electrical appliance or device (esp. Computers or Tv's) by cutting its power; either by pulling the plug out of the socket or flipping the switch, instead of following standard procudure (running Shutdown, pushing the power button). Nuking can happen accidentally or deliberatly.

Oops, i just nuked my PC

Dude! you just nuked the TV! Turn it on turn it on!!
John Pope tarafından 30 Mart 2006, Perşembe
To use the microwave
Hungry person: why is this food so cold?

Server: I could nuke it for you, if you want it heated up.

Hungry person: Yes man, Nuke that food, i like my food hot.

Server: okay man, i will nuke it.
no.data tarafından 27 Şubat 2009, Cuma
To nuke someone is to get revenge on them by finding something so awful and embarrassing and disgusting about them and sharing it with gossipy girls and watching the damage ensue!
Markie was a little bitch and stole a girl from me just becaues I bought her candy, so I sent out a nuke on that retarded bastard and it worked. he won't get to rape any drunk freshmen anymore
jesse tarafından 10 Eylül 2006, Pazar
To cook something in a microwave oven. "Neuked" to have been cooked in the microwave. Neuking-the act of being cooked in the microwave.(Note the spelling change when the word becomes a verb or adjective)
Derived from the common belief that Microwaves were like Neuclear Power and had supernatural properties that could bring Frozen meals to life in a matter of seconds.
Nuke me that frozen curry.
Lindsey MacDonald tarafından 10 Mart 2007, Cumartesi
the answer to all of mans problems
i want to nuke iraq to end the war early
Minuteman III ICBM tarafından 7 Kasım 2003, Cuma
a BIG fart.......
my friend let a nuke rip in the tent... i had the get the gas mask on * cough cough *
NAME HERE tarafından 22 Haziran 2004, Salı
Why in God's name do we still have these?
I just nuked my aunt's place
terminatrix tarafından 8 Mart 2005, Salı