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Game designed to destroy your enitre social life and make you constant wondering where you fleet is.. But somehow manages to still be amazing!
eg. this is no way to descibe.. try and see
Artois tarafından 24 Nisan 2005, Pazar
A free, real time browser, text-based game that is always in play. Your goal is to colonize planets and harvest resources while amassing giant fleets. Ultimately, you want to destroy other fleets while continuously trying to expand your empire. There are multiple universes of this game, and it originated in Germany. It, along with more information, can be found at
I forgot to fleetsave last night, and I got crashed in Ogame.
WoLF tarafından 25 Nisan 2005, Pazartesi
ogame is german-originated online game where you have your own planet and attack other people's planets just for your own sense of well-being. you have to mine for resources to build ships, weapons, defenses, and more. you can join alliances to protect yourself, or make your own. then you PWN all your friends who thought you couldn't play because you were a n00b and a girl. suck it, boys.
he lost 1000 units when he tried to raid my ogame planet last night. good thing i built those heavy lasers.
k8ster tarafından 25 Aralık 2005, Pazar
The best game on the web!!
I am the 1337 n00b at ogame!
Squid tarafından 15 Mart 2005, Salı

The Ogame that everyone loves till the game operators get you in between their cross hairs. The GO's are unforgiving no matter what the offence. It can be as small as hitting the wrong button. (OOPS)
NO oops your banned. Some of the rules make since like the swearing rules or multi-accounting. Then there are the only English language or your banned. Or you can't help your friend fleet save or you are banned FOR LIFE. These people are power crazy and like to show it. This game would be loads of fun if they weren't so much like communist. People let up who do you think you are. Controlling everything to a T just shows how little you actually are. You can not even get help though the chain of command. They simply blow you off....
I bet if someone were to audit them it would not turn out so good. Just a thought. Oh the Game operators are members of the game too. So how is that fair when they are playing against you. What can you do. NOTHING you bend over and take it up the tale pipe. So Why play a game that takes forever to achieve anything only to have them ban you for some stupid reason.


Crappie OGame only because of the people in charge.....
V_FEVER tarafından 12 Temmuz 2006, Çarşamba
A game that fucking retards that have no life play
Robin, Tom, Joe and any other retards that play
Anthony Houdini tarafından 20 Nisan 2005, Çarşamba
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