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ohana means no body gets left behind. it can also refer to a close group of friends or class that resemble a family. it can also be used to placate any disagreements.
"guess what class we have now?"


"I hate you!!"
"well I hate you too!"
"hey guys guys, ohana.
#homies #family #photo #awesome #omalley
saggyb00bs tarafından 15 Ocak 2011, Cumartesi
Family, no one gets left behind.
You are part of my ohana, I won't let you down.
ohana tarafından 19 Ekim 2003, Pazar
Ohana means family, and family means: no one gets left behind; popular dance group in California; another name for a bunch of crazy, candy addicted, satan divas.
Lailah: "B*tch! Ima take the Twix! Come on Leilani!"

Shannon: "Who stole the Twix???"

Rachel: "Those b*tches! Lailah! Leilani!"

Leilani: "Mommy! Rachel and Herman are hitting me and sissy!"

Dakota: "Children! You are all such divas. Haha I love our Ohana."
#ohana #family #candy #satan #dakota #lailah #shannon #rachel #leilani #dance
Momma Kota tarafından 12 Haziran 2011, Pazar
Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind..or forgotten
Me:I love my ohana
Peasant: "what is an ohana"

Me: *throws lilo and stitch movie at face*"just watch"
#family #lilo and stitch #movie #peasant #love
I refuse to sink tarafından 22 Haziran 2015, Pazartesi
Person 1: "What's your favorite Disney quote?"
Person 2: "That one about ohana."
I ships the ships do you tarafından 24 Ocak 2016, Pazar
ohana, when no family/PLAY family gets left behind or forgotten(:
Hey, Martha lets go to the movies. Sure Christy cause you are my ohana and i wouldn't ever leave you behind(: OHANA.
#family #friends #left behind #forgotten #hawiian
ThisWordWasLame[: tarafından 27 Mart 2009, Cuma
The gayest way to say family .
You may be rich but I have ohana made of gold.
#family #relatives #blood of my blood #group #gay #sweg
draganblack tarafından 28 Kasım 2014, Cuma
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