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A person who is sexually attracted to children.
Short for pedophile.
Many priests are pedos.
Bart tarafından 14 Eylül 2002, Cumartesi
1985 649
An abrieviation for the word paedophile. An adult or adolescent who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children.
Person A is an adult and has sexual fantasies about children. He is a pedo.
Tegeth tarafından 28 Ağustos 2006, Pazartesi
850 382
this word has many meanings:

1- the spanish word of fart

2- spanish word that means when someone is drunk or drunk as hell

3- spanish word that is often use to salute someone

4- spanish word that means problem
1- "¿Quien se echo un pedo?" = "who have just farted?"

2-"Ese wey se puso bien pedo." = "That dude is drunk as hell"

3-"¿Que pedo?" = "Whats up?"

4- "Tengo un pedo con un cabron" = "I have a problem with a dude"
Pytum tarafından 25 Ağustos 2007, Cumartesi
582 321
A shortend version of Pedophile often used in it's place.
Dude...you're a pedo..meh it's cool as long as you don't touch my sis...Because only I can
Child Lover tarafından 2 Şubat 2006, Perşembe
670 418
Spanish slang for Fart. All of its meanings have to do with being messed up or screwed up.

Es todo un pedo - It's a really messed up situation/tough ordeal
VAKI5 tarafından 20 Eylül 2005, Salı
539 401
pedophiles are pedos.
One strike law! Protect our children! One strike and your out!
you abused me tarafından 30 Ocak 2007, Salı
120 39
a slang term in spanish which means to be drunk
Me tome unas chelas y me puse pedo.

Estoy bien pedo
emceeme tarafından 23 Mart 2007, Cuma
227 182