People are universal bacteria.

Universal status: inferior

Number of planets in the universe that are known to be infected with people so far: 1

Notes: Fortunately, this bacteria will probably die out before it manages to contaminate further regions of the universe.
Life Form tarafından 26 Ocak 2007, Cuma
They're the worst!

I know they're the worst!
Jerry tarafından 5 Haziran 2003, Perşembe
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, delicious
People taste like chicken.
Hannibal tarafından 17 Nisan 2003, Perşembe
A race of humanoid animals, or- US. Oftenly insulted by idiots on the internet who think they know enough to make fun of the world.
If you look at all we've created, its really pretty impressive.
Flash tarafından 6 Ağustos 2004, Cuma
Interesting but sometimes enough to piss you off... Randal of Clerks had it right:
Dante: You hate people!
Randal: But I love gatherings, isn't it ironic?
wtfisapapoose tarafından 21 Ağustos 2006, Pazartesi
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