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One who can capture your flag when you are getting juggled in your respawn by your teammate.
Omfg he ownZ. He must be a playa13#%@$%^$@^
Carmen Electra tarafından 11 Ağustos 2003, Pazartesi
One who always plays on playa. And lives by the rule that everyday is a playaz holiday (Tonny To)
Tonny To the one and only playa
Straight Dirrrty tarafından 29 Ocak 2008, Salı
ahmed c.

always wants da booty!

has more then one gf n always be fuckin everybody
ahmed is a fuckin playa dude! omg lol
trina tarafından 16 Ocak 2004, Cuma
A guy who sleeps with drunk girls and doesn't realize that it's rape.
Markie-tard slept with drunk freshmen and bragged and said he was a playa
Jesse tarafından 8 Ekim 2006, Pazar