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peace love and harmony. similar in nature to plur
i was arrested for activly in egaging in the promotion of the PLH philosophy.
krunchie tarafından 3 Aralık 2003, Çarşamba
peace love happyness
my x hurt me till i found peace love and happyness,plh,
#x #love #peace #plh #happyness
rtfow tarafından 9 Mayıs 2010, Pazar
PLH an acronym for Parking Lot Head see parking lot head
parking lot head is recieving/giving oral sex while in a parking lot, usually done in cars, before after work, on breaks and lunches or any other occasions

originated in a text on Aug. 12th, 2009 and followed through with on Aug 13th, 2009
Baby you having a hard day? lemme meet you before work for some PLH
#parking lot head #plh #parking head #head in parking lot #head
Terranitup tarafından 13 Ağustos 2009, Perşembe
1) Peace, Love, Happiness, Self-Expression
2) Often used to say "goodbye", "peaceout", or "peace"
Joe: Well I gosta go babe
Jill: Bye babe love ya
PLHS tarafından 22 Kasım 2003, Cumartesi
Post LAN Hangover:

The feeling the next day after playing computer games all night/weekend. Symptoms are tiredness, sore eyes, and possible shivers. Cure is a long shower and a good sleep.
Man, that LAN was epic last night, but now I've got a killer case of PLH!
#lan #games #hangover #tired #sick
Pillobeam tarafından 13 Aralık 2009, Pazar
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