a variation of the english slang poof, meaning a homosexual. Specifically a poofta is a thin, small framed gay male, the equivalent in english is "twink"
the young guy that just came in is so cute, what a poofta.
Edit Machine tarafından 28 Nisan 2005, Perşembe
A reaction to urbandictionary rejecting a definition
urbandictionary rejected my definition. Poofta!
Mr. Poofta tarafından 9 Temmuz 2010, Cuma
N. One who is a faggot, gay, or enjoys the company (especially in the anus) of other men. Frequently enjoys the thrusting of the male genetalia into his own or anothers anus. A male who listens to Celine Dion (for pleasure) and dyes his hair blue can be and should be considered a poofta. Also, one who dresses in the manner characterized by Elton John, and/or The Village People.
Peterson is such a poofta.

P.1 Hey what's that man doing dressed like Elton John?
P.2 Probably trying to impress the man dressed like The Village people.
P.2 Pooftas.
Poofta Hunter 2000 tarafından 12 Mayıs 2006, Cuma
A fagget or homosexual male who is so gay it's never questioned whether or not he is a poofta. Any fag in a relationship who is the 'bitch' or catcher to his boyfriend, the pitcher.
My cousin Matthew, who is so anorexic he's 20lbs under the healthy weight for his age and height, and goes by the name 'Mattie' to friends/family and wears his mothers bathrobe around the house.
ashamed tarafından 5 Temmuz 2005, Salı
the english word for fag,, just like u
Bebo's shoes ,, damn,, how pooftish are thoses shoes
Diego, Susy, Elizabeth tarafından 23 Mart 2003, Pazar
The aftersmell of a fart. Usually follows the farter.
Holy God, Marc! What a poofta!
Liam, Bitches tarafından 19 Kasım 2004, Cuma
To act like a fatass who doesn't want to do anything
Ahhh he's acting all poofta
John tarafından 16 Mart 2003, Pazar

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