A bearded individual disregarded at first because of looks, but praised for the ability to overcome challenges through perseverance and knowledge.

The underdog but victor in a battle.

Relentless in the pursuit of victory.
Jameson, the quig of the two candidates, was elected to office.
Mouseion tarafından 24 Ekim 2013, Perşembe
Top Definition
a quig is a long haired frail creature with human like characteristics,yet more primative.
J tarafından 17 Ekim 2003, Cuma
You know that girl Quigs, she's a fuckin' pimp
2929 tarafından 10 Kasım 2010, Çarşamba
A combination of all of the swear words in the English Language
"Don't be such a quig!" "Wow you quiger!" "Don't be such a quig!"
MACETYMIKE tarafından 27 Mayıs 2008, Salı
a toe.
ow i stubbed my quig!
suck my quig!
pedicure on my quig.
booboo booboo tarafından 29 Aralık 2009, Salı
Coolest thing alive. Better than Tay.
Jack McQuiggin
Jack McQuiggin tarafından 11 Mayıs 2004, Salı
(adj) to be quick and ugly as a result of something;(v) to accomplish something quickly with an ugly result;(n) something ugly that was produced quickly.
That one night stand was quigs. I got home with scabbies in less than a hour.
Zach_and_Miri tarafından 8 Mart 2009, Pazar
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