Top Definition
Also "Ricoculous"
Ridiculous, preposterous, laughable.
Taken from changing the 'dick' in ridiculous and changing it to a 'cock'
Are you kidding? That's the most ricoculous drivel I've ever heard. Go somewhere before you hurt yourself.
Julien tarafından 23 Ekim 2003, Perşembe
Unbelievably rediculous.
The fact that people like Hillary Clinton is just recoculous.
PJChappy tarafından 26 Haziran 2003, Perşembe
Beyond ridiculous; crazy; unfathomable
My boss is giving me recoculous time frames to work with
Bekkamel tarafından 14 Eylül 2009, Pazartesi
The act of being rediculous, with dic repaced with coc.
Joelbill and Corbob are so recoculous.
Joelbill tarafından 11 Kasım 2007, Pazar
Beyond bomb,past the point of being reDICulous, crazy-ass shit, super fire
Dude, Monet said that weed is super fire and its recoculous!
Siris the Great tarafından 10 Nisan 2009, Cuma
Something that is extremely aggravating, or just plain out stupid and worthless.
"This guy is a recoculous fool"
sassr tarafından 29 Mayıs 2006, Pazartesi
something incredibly fucking dumb,
dude, that shirt looks recoculous
C-UNIT tarafından 17 Nisan 2003, Perşembe
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