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The youtube of porn, sex and XXX rated content. Not safe for work and you should be over 18 to visit.
Man, with redtube I don't need to download any more porn!
Dave Carben tarafından 8 Mayıs 2007, Salı
1562 541
HOLY SHIT! Best site for looking up porn if you're horny. It's just kinda...there. No bullshit to put up with.
YouTube for porn.
JamesF1987 tarafından 13 Ekim 2007, Cumartesi
1015 390
Known by every decent man who has some dignity and respect towards his own cock. Often seen as a sense of escape and is a forbidden topic around females.
man 1: what's been happening?

man 2 nods in recognition that he's been on redtube, says nothing.

man 1 nods then salutes .... nothing is said or asked after, just respect for the tube.
Sweaty Noel 69 tarafından 10 Temmuz 2008, Perşembe
877 311
A version of 'You Tube' dedicated purely to porn.
" I gotta go now, I'm gonna go and shoot my load over a video from Red Tube "
Tommy Lah tarafından 28 Ekim 2007, Pazar
356 145
A great porno site with the same format as Youtube. No need to download, just click and watch! Features full-length porn that last up to 30 minutes. Chicks on videos are usually hot, but Italian or French. One thing that sucks about it is they seperate some videos into parts, which are to be released on another day.
Redtube is a good pornsite.
Wasabimoto tarafından 28 Temmuz 2008, Pazartesi
442 273
Free porn. Need I say more?
redtube is so fappable
unheatedgarage tarafından 28 Kasım 2009, Cumartesi
309 150
the heaven for married men.
Last night my wife wouldn't give me any, so I stayed up all night mousing off to Redtube.
CarnivalKid32 tarafından 6 Mart 2010, Cumartesi
338 201