When someone wears an old style clothing that was popular years past. This can include vintage hairstyles, shoes, pants, shirts, jewelry, etc.
I like looking retro.
Anonymous tarafından 17 Eylül 2003, Çarşamba
Top Definition
A contemporary object or style containing elements of, but not replicating, an object or style from a previous era.
Have you seen those new cars with the retro look?
swotty tarafından 14 Ekim 2003, Salı
something that is old fashioned but currently cool!
That indie chick goes for the retro look
puke tarafından 23 Nisan 2003, Çarşamba
an adjective describing something from the past, usually anywhere from the 20's to the 80's.
My Grandmother's sweater is mad retro.
Dina Peone tarafından 18 Temmuz 2003, Cuma
An article of usualy clothing that resembles a style from the past. Can also be other items or decorations.
oh my gawwwd! i like LOVE your earings! theyre so retro!
randiLOVESryan tarafından 4 Temmuz 2005, Pazartesi
pertaining to something from the past (in a nostalgic way)
He is obsessed with retro fashion.
Light Joker tarafından 31 Ağustos 2005, Çarşamba
Similar to swag. But in an old school way. Something that represents how dope you are.
Man, Kevin and Gibson are going retro.
KGswag tarafından 18 Şubat 2011, Cuma
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