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1. Most commonly referred to in the form of an uprising. Usually by the people who are doing the revolt, the high powers consider it a rebellion.

2. Also a full orbit around a planet (for satellites/moons) or star (for planets).

The origin is interesting: Copernicus published a book in 1543 (apparently it's title is contraversial) Called something to the effect of: "On the Revolution of Heavenly Spheres". The Heavenly spheres is the part in question: some say it's Heavenly Orbs, celestial spheres, Heavenly bodies... but I went with the most common theory.

This book caused such an uprising, that the word revolution gained it's new and now common meeting.
1. Viva la revolution! (The revolution lives!)

2. It takes 365.24 days for the Earth to make a full revolution around the sun (according to the atomic clock), which is why our leap year adds another day every four years-- to make it reach 365.25. Because these numbers don't match exactly, our years are actually inaccurate, moreso as time goes on.
~The Nameless One~ tarafından 5 Haziran 2005, Pazar
The answer to government. Also a wonderful excuse to rob a shitload of rich people.
Revolutions are so much fun.
DarkMillennia tarafından 26 Ağustos 2003, Salı
keeps things healthy
stand up for your rights!
what we need
R tarafından 2 Mart 2004, Salı
What most "activists" in our country these days seem to talk about yet never have the balls to pull off.
Revolution of macaroni and cheese.
ass cheese tarafından 14 Haziran 2003, Cumartesi
1. A sudden and violent change in government.
2. The code name for Nintendo's next-generation system.
3. A brand of flea and tick treatment for pets.
{in the government's top secret Tiny Pest Growth Facility}
Blubbering Private: S-sir!
General: What is it, private?
BP: Someone tossed a bunch of prototype Nintendo systems covered in this smelly liquid through the window, and now ALL THE FLEAS AND TICKS ARE DYING!!
G: The United States is doomed!
Syckls tarafından 29 Haziran 2005, Çarşamba
1. It won't be televised, that's for sure.

Oh--and it can quickly get violent.

Better put that ol' bomb shelter behind Fido's house to good use.

2. Prince's backing band during the mid-1980s.
"Revolution is fine, I guess...but all attempts to change humanity are feeble."
I Hate Bhudda tarafından 29 Ağustos 2003, Cuma
If you want to start one read Abbie Hoffman books.
In order for a revolution to take palce you need guns, flowers and lots of LSD.
MDMA tarafından 8 Şubat 2005, Salı
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