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When you roll a ciggarette or spliff using Rizzlas or smoking paper.
Hey man, roll me a fat one
Jake tarafından 22 Ocak 2005, Cumartesi
20 63
A shortened variation of the word 'rollerblading' (also known as: Aggressive Inline, Agro Inline, Rollin).
"Yo. You wanna go rolling on Sunday?"
"I'm sponsored. I guess I'm pretty good at rolling."
Sonus tarafından 12 Aralık 2003, Cuma
25 70
Verb: Keith Diaz laughing histerically!
Keith always rolled after my jokes!
LJP tarafından 6 Mart 2005, Pazar
5 52
To roll a dooby
Good ol' potheads rolling in the Mcdonalds bathroom...
manda tarafından 24 Ocak 2004, Cumartesi
14 63
Toilet Papering (TPing) in the south.
Lets go Roll the sherifs house
Rob tarafından 22 Mart 2004, Pazartesi
21 83