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One who loves sex so much, they are a glutton.
Jill is a total sex pig. She has an insatiable sexual appetite.
Jilina tarafından 22 Şubat 2007, Perşembe
A SexPig is a gay guy who can't get enough dirty sex. Alone, in groups, one-on-one, safe or bareback - it doesn't matter. The more the merrier, although most pigs prefer BB. Some pigs like to wear gear like leather, rubber, denium. Some SexPigs have a favorite sextoy - a 12-inch dildo or a superlarge buttplug. But they all have one thing in common: they just can't get enough mansex.
See that guy over there he's such a dirty little sex pig, he'll squeal for any guy.
David Fields tarafından 11 Nisan 2010, Pazar
Like a sex pest, but sexpig?
"Nathan leave me alone you little sexpig"
loz double s tarafından 21 Ekim 2009, Çarşamba
A Sexpig Is An Absolute Dream Of A Woman With An Insatiable Appetite For Sex, She Is Unstoppable In Bed And Can Drive A Man Wild, She Is Usually Called Sarah And Lives In Elsecar!
Anonymous tarafından 13 Mart 2003, Perşembe
Having dirty muddy sex.
It was really nasty when I was watching two people have sex pig the other day.
Courtney Shmith tarafından 10 Ekim 2007, Çarşamba