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to fuck, to screw, to bang, to reproduce, to copulate, to pork your lover, to booger my bed, to hump your honey, to get laid, to lay some pipe, to hide the salami, to slam (or to get slammed), to burry the bone, to stuff the donut, to moisten the carpet, to dine in the Y, to munch on the rug, to slam the hen, to shoot the sherbert, to whack Willy Wonka into Wonderland, to yodel in the mighty fairy-infested, stinky, and yeast-infested canyon of love, etc. There are undoubtedly many more which I have forgotten at this time.
I fucked her.
You shot the sherbert?
Yup, I sure slammed the hen magnificently
Master Chesco tarafından 19 Nisan 2004, Pazartesi
1930 830
When a man puts his pee pee in a womans hoo haa and they make some motherfucking WHOOPEE!
I am placing my flaccid penis into the woman's barren vagina in the hopes of creating something called a child...
JJizzle tarafından 10 Ocak 2005, Pazartesi
1655 759
1. The male's erect penis inside of the female's vagina (or inside of either gender's buttwhole).
2. The uniting of the penis and the vagina.
3. The act of two sexually mature bodies becoming one flesh through the means of reproductive organs coming together.
anonymous tarafından 3 Haziran 2003, Salı
1190 695
the reason for dating
yep yep..bottom line folks
hamiltons the name tarafından 29 Nisan 2004, Perşembe
1247 857
how old are you again?
Chris and Amanada were having sexual intercourse with chains handcuffs until they lost the key.
bob tarafından 7 Mayıs 2005, Cumartesi
1020 686
an act between male and female were the male sticks his huge cock inside the females vagina and do it all there lives
harout just fucked monica so hard that monica started crying of joy becuase she just had sexual intercourse
ha8 tarafından 9 Mayıs 2008, Cuma
565 379