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To massage, as in a head. noun
I once got shampooed by a shrubbery.

(see definition for shrubbery)
Audrey Karper tarafından 1 Eylül 2005, Perşembe
5 16
While a girl is giving you a blow job when you are about to cum you take her head and make it face down then you cum all over the top of her head.
Mary hadn't taken a shower in a while so she insisted on me giving her Shampoo
Peter File 69 tarafından 20 Ocak 2008, Pazar
26 38
Any instance where something is mistaken for shit.

Holy Christ, someone shit in the pool!

Calm down, It's probably just shampoo.

Yeah, look, it's half a snickers bar.

They were just shitting us.
Zoggg tarafından 5 Eylül 2007, Çarşamba
1 13
intention to swear at a man
im going to shampoo any minute now r-jizzy barking
loojaro tarafından 17 Ağustos 2006, Perşembe
1 13
To lie blatantly about something outrageous and pointless even when you are caught in the stupid, non-sensical, and idiotic lie.
He pulled a shampoo and tried to continue to lie about sleeping with the woman even when she told everyone else that it never happend.
GoodOleDayz tarafından 2 Nisan 2005, Cumartesi
8 20
to do the dirty under the covers when nobody is watching
Yo man, me and veronica totally SHAMPOOED last night!
Kerrie tarafından 16 Mart 2005, Çarşamba
3 15
code name for canabis
also conditioner - tabaco
rizla - paper hair nets
that person washes his hair too much. It's becomming dry and brittle. in other words there a complete stoner
jack tarafından 7 Mart 2004, Pazar
6 18