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(1) A phrase worthy of being placed on a t-shirt. (2) The placing of said phrase on said t-shirt.
A: Dude, you look like ass. Get dressed, or we'll be late for church.
B: These ARE my church clothes.
A: Shirted.
Transformers3People0 tarafından 3 Ağustos 2011, Çarşamba
8 3
The act of shirting is to ignore/blank. Often used via Non-verbal comunication by flicking the collar of your shirt at somebody you wish to ignore.
'Motherfucker got shirted'

'That boy purely trying it but i was like SHIRTED!'

Pedantic Productions tarafından 17 Ocak 2009, Cumartesi
5 6
to fart only to find some goo came out also.
dude, gotta go home to clean up, I just shirted!
The Goose tarafından 7 Şubat 2005, Pazartesi
6 8
to put on a t-shirt.
opposite is to deshirt
ur all shirted again

I've gotta go get shirted cos my nipples are hard as tic-tacs.
kozdog tarafından 28 Ocak 2008, Pazartesi
3 8