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Of poor or low quality.
That work he did was so shonky, I can't believe he actually put his name on it.

Not to be confused with "Wonky", which means much the same thing, but typically refers to structures, such as buildings, walls, etc.
Alex Smith-Ryland tarafından 2 Kasım 2005, Çarşamba
136 27
A compound word from the two terms 'shocking' and 'wonky' meaning that something is so bad or precarious that it is actually shocking. Can also be changed into the adverb shonkily
That is a really shonky piece of construction.
He did that plastering shonkily.
geejaygee tarafından 23 Aralık 2004, Perşembe
67 36
Dishonest, disreputable
The Australian Securities and Investment Commission advises, "See our information sheet INFO 26, 'Don’t get burned,' for tips on avoiding shonky operators and fly-by-night companies."
recordlady tarafından 5 Nisan 2010, Pazartesi
28 21
falling apart through bad construction or age. Often applied to software.
I can't get my bank statement out of this shonky website!
sweavo tarafından 14 Ocak 2004, Çarşamba
24 31
short version of "J'Shonqua" or "D'Shonqua". Commonly found amongst the women of the Bronx.
"Damn shonky, you crazy"
J'Shonqua Jones tarafından 15 Nisan 2009, Çarşamba
21 43
Carrying some sort of social stigma; like a place people are aware of but don't like to admit their knowledge.
We used to buy our clothes from the shonky shop.
DiscoDan tarafından 7 Mart 2005, Pazartesi
17 41
A caucasion male or female who can be described as shifty, often seen crawling the back streets, often these specimens can be seen sporting a Burberry baseball cap.
Me: Oh my god look at that twat over by the wall!
Grant: Yeah man he is one fucked up shonky crackhead.
Daniel Voyce tarafından 28 Mayıs 2005, Cumartesi
12 54