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SKET- A dirty whore, who doesn't bath and smells and sleeps around with your mother and your brother and your sister and your friend ohhhh yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
person 1- ' Sue wot u up to tonite?'
person 2- 'Just having sex with your mother, brother, sister and your friend'
person 1 - ' Oh yeahhhh! :) you sket'
bombs123 tarafından 20 Haziran 2010, Pazar
3 6
An immature girl that resides within the Tameside area and goes by the name of Tiffany, that has browning teeth and who dresses like a clown and slaps on make up.
search for all Tiffany's in facebook you will see Sket
masterOfSket tarafından 30 Mart 2010, Salı
14 17
Ella Chapman
That girl Ella Chapman, she's a sket
MONSTAKILLA tarafından 25 Mart 2013, Pazartesi
0 4
A dusty, uninspiring, deficient waste of space who instantly destroys any last ounce of serenity when in your view.
Isn't that Jordan a complete sket?
pedrogjlff;l;klklg;klll tarafından 2 Ocak 2011, Pazar
4 8
A way of describing someone who is unappealing. Similiar to skank, but is not usually used in adjective form
Oh My God, she is such a sket!
They're all a bunch of skets!
You sket! Give me my cookie back! :)
Charlie the Weird Glitter Emo tarafından 24 Ocak 2009, Cumartesi
8 13
a girl that will sleep with any1
any place
any time
a perfect example of a sket is Emma Davies
that gyal is a sket tarafından 11 Ekim 2009, Pazar
4 10
Common english/american term for a girl that is a tramp, has got every std possible, has a dirty crusty vagina, smells of body odour, has slept with your dad, gives head for money, has a different boyfriend every day, wears a skirt up yo her waist!, wears a low cropped top to show off bazoomers and has sperm stains on her clothes and hair.
John: Wow! Look At That Girl Over There
Bob: Don't Think About It, Shes A Sket
Bob: (Pointing) He's Got With Her
And Him
And Him
And Him
And Him
And Him... (Continuing)
That Guy In Your Cupboard tarafından 30 Mart 2009, Pazartesi
6 12