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something stinks like hell
oh my! that shit on your shoe is smelly
Joe tarafından 23 Nisan 2005, Cumartesi
302 84
Your anus.

The smelly scent of your anus drifted through the room. I shudder.
Bastardized Bottomburp tarafından 1 Nisan 2003, Salı
286 152
playful affectionate way of naming a friend. Used between close friends.
I miss you smelly
aphjg tarafından 20 Kasım 2010, Cumartesi
60 28
Your feet.
Take whiff of my smellies after the ski trip.
gav.anigavtnaig tarafından 2 Ocak 2010, Cumartesi
42 29
Not pleasing to the nostrils.
Unbearable stench
Everything about Justine is smelly. Her hair, her eyes, her breath. My nose just can't stand it.
Ananth Subramaniam tarafından 12 Aralık 2008, Cuma
99 86
said to a beautiful girlfriend as a term of affection
i love you smelly! xxx
E.M.G. tarafından 15 Mart 2008, Cumartesi
87 74
a gathering of 20 or more hippies
I was in the park when this "smelly" started singing old Joan Baez songs.
Huskerbob tarafından 15 Temmuz 2013, Pazartesi
9 7