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A (according to Google) very common misspelling of the word 'spontaneity'.
George: Hey Rhonda do you find there's a well balanced amount of spontinuity in your life?

Rhonda: You spelled 'spontinuity' wrong, dumbass.

George: The hell? How can you tell how I spell words when I'm talking to you?!
Devin Alexander tarafından 13 Ağustos 2006, Pazar
spontinuity n. Combined form of spontaneous and continuity. A continual ability to be spontaneous.

"Wow you're always so spontaneous, you have such spontinuity!"
Andrew Mackay tarafından 18 Nisan 2007, Çarşamba
The ability to be spontaneous; the ability to keep a girlfriend.
"Why don't you take your girlfriend to Greece? That would increase your spontinuity."
Lord Osmo tarafından 11 Ocak 2006, Çarşamba