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greeting usually used by Firms from North and/or west LondonIslington or Chelsea
Sweet geez 'ows it goin?
Yeah i'm sweet
Greekie tarafından 22 Ekim 2004, Cuma
Synonym for: Rad, Phat, Killer, Holler, Devious, Slammin, Hotness, Grand Royal, Tubular, Bodacious, Werd, Super, Grovey, Lovely, Far-Out, Gravey, Gangsta, Fo Grizzle, Dangels, Bangin, Busticated, Ratitatat, Lalapalooza, Jugula, Frankfort. Not Peace
"i banged the dog. sweet"
Sherlock tarafından 9 Nisan 2003, Çarşamba
sumthing mad awesu & cool. lotsa dudes use it to say its koolness
"Dude that was SOOOOOO S W E E T"
" S W E E T" -Crushes offspring from Finding Nemo
Petita tarafından 14 Aralık 2003, Pazar
weed rolled up ina blunt
where can i get a "sweet" around herre
Justin Jackson tarafından 27 Eylül 2003, Cumartesi
to be drunk, or the act of getting drunk.
i am going to get so sweet tonight!
oh, man, i am so sweeeeet already!
lesley.t tarafından 27 Kasım 2007, Salı
Leader of Grove Street Famlies. Argues and insults and is angry alot. And...that's about it. Is the leader no matter how much respect CJ earns.
Calm down, Sweet you fucker.
Ghiz tarafından 3 Ocak 2005, Pazartesi
Something that is good
Sweet as your mama's ass
PK tarafından 21 Mart 2004, Pazar