1. An herbal infusion of the leaves of the plant Camelia sinensis consumed as a caffeinated beverage. Originally a Chinese development, tea spread throughout the Far East in ancient times, and then to the West.

2. The evening meal. Mainly this applies in the UK and former Commonwealth countries.

2. An older term meaning the smoked drug derived from Cannabis sativa, i.e. marijuana. This use of the term dates at least as far back as the 1930s.
"Good Tea is My Weakness" -- Sidney Bechet
#caffeine #cannabis #marijuana #beverages #drugs
Beaters tarafından 2 Ekim 2008, Perşembe
a term for canabis made popular in the 50's by Jack Kerouac and fellow beats.
Family Guys on tonight, we better get some tea.
#ganja #bud #weed #pot #wacky tobaccy
jentracy tarafından 26 Şubat 2006, Pazar
A hot leaf-based beverage that is by a long shot Great Britain's favourite drink (barring beer, of course). Can be drunk with milk, sugar, cream and biscuits (though not necessarily all at the same time).
"Fancy a cuppa tea, love?"
Coaldrone tarafından 24 Ocak 2004, Cumartesi
The best drink ever asides from wine, whiskey, and coke classic.
I drink sencha tea at least once a month.
#tea #japan #india #china #green #black
Cogitator tarafından 9 Ağustos 2008, Cumartesi
A generalization term used, referring to the event of going to a boba shop such as Lollicup, and buying their drinks. This term is mainly used in city locations and some selective suburban areas.

Boba drinks consist of different varieties of teas: milk tea, black tea, green tea, etc.
Hey let's go grab some Tea at the local boba shop.
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DENY0 tarafından 21 Aralık 2010, Salı
T'ea's are Incredible people. They are always there for their best friends. They are kind, sweet, caring, beautiful, trustworthy and most importantly they are loyal. T'ea's your AMAZING!
"hey she's gorgeous," "Oh you mean T'ea?" "Hells Yeah!"
#gorgeous #beautiful inside and out #trustworthy #loyal #amazing!
Weirdo #1 tarafından 15 Aralık 2011, Perşembe
A name but not used that often
Hi my name is Tea

Tea Leoini
#tea #tea leioni #name #uncommon #sexy
Ifuseekamytonight tarafından 28 Mayıs 2009, Perşembe
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